Juice Rotary Screen

As the name ‘Rotary’ implies, continuous juice screening is effected on a wedge bar type screen fitted on a cylindrical drum mounted in horizontal position with appropriate slope towards non-drive end. Unlike in case of stationary parabolic screen, the entire screening area provided in the rotary screen is full utilized and hence maximum screening efficiency is achieved. The dynamic movement of screen allows utilization of smaller size wedge bar opening for removal of even the smallest bagacillo particles from mill juice. The diameter, the length of the screen, the speed of the rotating screen and its inclination are such designed that complete drainage of juice is ensured.

Size Manufactured By Us :

The Rotary Juice Screen is manufactured in different sizes to suit specific requirement.

Sizes & Capacity Detail Of Filter Systems :

   Diameter    Length    Sq. feet    
   Sq. meter

   1500mm    2500mm    126    11.78
  1500mm    3000mm    151    14.13
   1800mm    3000mm    182    16.95
   1800mm    3500mm    214    19.79
   1900mm    4000mm    255    23.87
   2000mm    4500mm    306    28.27

Salient Features :

• Maximum screen surface area per unit cane crushing capacity of the plant.
• S.S construction inclined bottom juice collecting tray in half cylindrical shape having amply sized outlet nozzle ensure quick removal of screened juice preventing
   stagnancy of juice at any qurner to avoid build up of micro organismcolonies.
• Drum rotates freely on four no. wheel each fitted in two sets of spherical roller bearings.
• Continuous automatic operation.
• Automaticiacally operated Wash water strainer.
• All four nos. bearings are with lubrication system.
• Repair kit and installation tools.
• Caustic soda re-circulation system for removal of microbal colonies.
• Totally enclosed motors.

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